What is Recycled Cotton?

recycled cotton process

Unlike Step 4 of this illustration, AJM’s Recycled Cotton fabric is blended with recycled material, NOT acrylic!

All America Jane Mercantile Tote Bags are made from Recycled Cotton fabric. Recycled Cotton is made from pre-consumer cotton “table waste” clippings that would otherwise be dumped in landfills. Currently there are over five to six billion pounds of pre-consumer cotton table waste making its way into landfills in the United States alone each year and that number is steadily growing!

Recycled Cotton is manufactured with no wet finishing or dying and uses no chemicals or liquids of any kind in its processing. Using it helps eliminate the harsh dyes, pesticides, energy, water and human labor required for conventionally grown cotton. Recycled Cotton may just be the most environmentally friendly fiber on the planet!

In addition to the amazing environmentally friendly properties that Recycled Cotton has, it also takes the pigment dyes used in our heat transfer process amazingly well because there is no topcoat or “finish” put on the cotton. Therefore the dye sinks into the fibers of the material instead of sitting on the top surface. What does this mean for you? It means after multiple washes the printed image on your tote will remain intact, not cracking or chipping as is what frequently happens when printing on heavily processed material such as polyester or acrylic.


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