Who is America Jane?

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I have always loved all things vintage- the older, crustier, odder the better! I was hitting yard sales with my mom back in elementary school. I had my first “collection” by age 8. Fast forward through college and a BFA in ceramics at ECU. Fast forward through several years after college working at a fine crafts gallery and working full time in my own clay studio in Raleigh, NC. Fast forward dipping my toes in the world of visual merchandising for 18 years (prop buying, store design, product merchandising, window display etc.) in San Diego, CA and then Seattle, WA. Fast forward to realizing I was becoming out of touch with the creative process and missed actually making something. Now STOP! This is where my America Jane Mercantile story begins.

I quit my great corporate visual merchandising career with a high end international retailer- shocking my employer and myself (and turning down a big promotion). I took 6 months off to find a creative outlet. One day I ran across some amazing vintage posters and a light bulb went off… make a product that everyone needs that also incorporates amazing images that contain social commentary of the past. So I started America Jane Mercantile in Seattle, WA April 2008 with a mission to create a company that combined my passion for nostalgia, style and the environment. We grew the business in the wholesale world to 200+ accounts and then had another realization… I missed seeing people interact with our products. And honestly, the merchandiser in me had control issues seeing my product displayed and positioned in ways I wasn’t happy with. So we pulled out of wholesale and concentrated on Etsy and trunk shows. Then in 2010 with the arrival of our first born on the way, we closed up shop and headed back east to Richmond, VA to be closer to family for our son’s arrival. Time flies, and in June 2013 I reopened the doors of America Jane Mercantile with a new focus on my love of all things vintage. We now include collectibles, oddities, and “junkque” with our collection of totes and linens at our vintage shows, warehouse sales, and flea markets.

You may ask why I use the word “we” when referring to America Jane Mercantile. Well, I named the company after my Great++++ Aunt who grew up in a time of patriotism and old-fashioned values. YES, her name really was America Jane! Today, my brand name stands for a modern “spirit in women” that shares characteristics with the original America Jane – integrity, authenticity, nostalgic family bonds, and a regard for others and the environment. I feel that although I am the sole owner and creator for America Jane Mercantile, somehow the real America Jane’s presence, as well as other family female role models in my life, is always with me- guiding me in my creativity and business decisions. So “we” it is!

We are so happy you took the time to read our story- thank you!